Compressed air piping system

Aluminum Pipe Net is a fast, easy and reliable piping solution that guarantees operational excellence for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other inert gas applications.

The use of AIRnet pipework throughout the factory gives us a leak-free environment. We’ve seen savings right from month one as our energy consumption is much lower.

Operational excellence

If you look at your total cost of ownership, AIRnet will turn out to be the best investment choice you can make. It is a high-end aluminum system specially designed to save the money that other piping systems spend.
Its piping network is engineered to support sustainable operational excellence in your production process. Material and product design, installation and maintenance costs, flexibility and safety – they all influence your total cost of ownership and the level of efficiency in your production.

Maximized energy efficiency

AIRnet connections are corrosion-free, low friction and seamless to minimize pressure drop, boosting your compressed air energy efficiency.

For any existing piping network

The piping system can be connected to any existing network and it can be modified easily to meet any changes on the industrial floor. All AIRnet components are easily adjustable and reusable to facilitate future network extensions.



Thanks to a smart piping design and low weight materials, AIRnet can be installed 70% faster than conventional systems


AIRnet pipes and fittings are assembled in just a few steps by a single installer, without the need for heavy machinery


Highly durable and corrosion-free, AIRnet aluminum pipes and fittings come with a 10-year warranty

Learn more about AIRnet

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Air Pipe Line Brochure

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