HD and TD aftercoolers


Water-cooled HD after-coolers

Atlas Copco HD water-cooled after-coolers are designed to combine a high level of cooling with economic water consumption. The air leaving the compressor is cooled in a bundle of stainless steel tubes, with the cooling water and the compressed air flowing in opposite directions. A  water separator is provided with the cooler as standard.


Air-cooled TD after-coolers

Atlas Copco TD air-cooled after-coolers have an aluminum block cooling element. An electrically driven fan, shielded by a protector for user safety, forces cooling air between the fins. High cooling efficiency is combined with low energy consumption. The after-cooler is mounted on a sturdy frame. A water separator is delivered as standard with the TD25-650 coolers. The TD 08, is delivered with wall mounting brackets and incorporates a drain collector with manual drain.

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Aftercoolers & Waterseparators Brochure


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