Compressor overhauls in our workshop with the replacement of the EXCHANGE stadium with Atlas Copco double guarantee and RIAC revised since the stage is factory tested by Atlas Copco.



This plan covers all of the recommended maintenance operations by Atlas Copco, in the most appropriate time intervals and on the basis of a preventive scheme. Faced with fixed annual costs for a predetermined period, we can guarantee our customers peace of mind with respect to predictions on maintenance costs. Additionally this service includes all planning and data storage during the period covered by the warranty. Any additional work identified during maintenance will be listed on the basis of fixed prices.

Maintenance at fixed prices

The service is based on fixed prices provides a structured platform for individual repair, from simple inspection to diagnostic visit to the comprehensive review, including, compressors and auxiliary equipment. The “Maintenance” menu at a fixed price, allowing quotations, orders, schedules and extremely fast action. The maintenance and replacement of modular components available for all Atlas Copco equipment kits allow you to reduce downtimes, with consequent reduction of costs. We offer our customers a fixed-price service that covers a wide range of activities that can be changed only with a special permit. All items of expenditure, work, business, food and accommodation are included in the fixed price.

Diagnostic Monitoring for energy saving MEASUREMENT BOX.

This measurement analyzes the operation of your compressor room, highlighting the power consumption used to produce compressed air in your plant. The RIAC has a device that can detect, without the shutdown of the compressors, the weekly consumption of compressed air of an air network that feeds the plant services. The measurement is carried out with the installation, by one of our technicians, a portable electronic apparatus that continuously records the compressed air consumption of the network over 24 hours per day and for 7 days of detection. After installation, the equipment is left inserted in the compressor room for the entire duration of the test without it obstruct the normal functioning of your compressed. Once the data recording equipment is switched off. The data is then transferred to a 3 “½ floppy disk for subsequent processing operations. You will be sent a file containing the graphics with the values of the detected power consumption and directions to optimize the operation of the plant examined air.


Diagnostic Check-bearing vibration-noise

Thanks to the diagnostic checks, we can carry out a detailed and preliminary analysis on the status of your machines. Veri and its check-up that can be programmed to highlight which interventions to reduce unintended stops. It carried out the relief of all the thermodynamic parameters of the machine both in the loaded condition that vacuum. It is carried out the relief and vibration analysis on rotating parts of the machine to determine whether the measured parameters are in line with the parameters provided by our parent company, the only valid and reliable. It is then released to the customer a written report on the state of the machine and possible actions to be taken at the trend correction, thanks to which it is possible to avoid sudden failures and unplanned.


Control and verification dryers containing gas freon

The industrial cooling equipment such as chillers, air conditioners and dryers are subject to a new legislation to curb the devastating effects of pollution that produce the substances inside them if they are dispersed in the environment. The European Regulation no. 2037/2000 of 29.06.2000 provides for the control of the joints for equipment containing CFC refrigerants in an amount greater than 3 Kg. This regulation regulates the methods for the prevention, reduction and recovery of the emissions of controlled substances in plants and equipment containing . The plants and the equipment object of this decree must be subjected to mandatory periodic inspection and the results recorded in a special plant handbook. Our company offers this plant handbook release service and audits as required by law.