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Using rough vacuum has always meant high oil carryover, loud noise and high energy costs. But why should you stick to tradition when there’s no more need to compromise?

Atlas Copco broke the mould with the clean, silent, energy-efficient GHS VSD+ vacuum pump.

You can now have a single source provider for all your compressed air or vacuum requirements. The same quality, reliability, low lifecycle costs, user-friendly interface and ease of serviceability as you’ve come to expect from your Atlas Copco compressor is now available for your vacuum pump.

We offer a complete range of Liquid Ring, Rotary Screw, Piston, Vane and Vacuum Booster Pumps, both dry and oil-sealed for your every coarse vacuum application. Our network of more than 80 factory trained service technicians plus authorized distributors can service vacuum pumps and air compressors in the same visit.

Innovation from the industry leaders

Atlas Copco have put 140 + years of experience into the most sustainable compressor solutions, including the invention of VSD and VSD+ compressors which reduce energy costs to unmatched levels. And now we’ve used this experience to develop a game-changing innovation in vacuum pumps as well. Our new GHS VSD+ is the superior alternative to traditional oil-injected vane pumps.

Introducing the GHS VSD+ vacuum pump

The first big innovation in rough vacuum pumps this century offers an average of 50% energy savings, silent technology, clean operation, a compact, all-in-one package and benefits from Atlas Copco’s proven compressor technology.

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